Wild Volunteer Campaign Launched!

Volunteer involvement forms the heart of all community campaigns. The Blue Mountains' Wild Rivers Campaign, a Colong Foundation campaign formed to protect 65 kilometres of world heritage rivers in the Blue Mountains, is looking for volunteers to bolster its campaign to save 65 kilometres of world heritage rivers from a dam.

Wild Rivers Camapginer Harry Burkitt said that the volunteer offers were rolling in thick and fast.

"We have already had large volunteer support for the campaign to date, and it is now a matter of activating those volunteers who are invigorated to be part of the big fight ahead to save out World Heritage Area.

"As campaign manager, I simpily couldn't run the fight without them. Our payed staff play an impotant role, but these guys are the grass-roots base of the movement.

Mr Burkitt said the volunteer camapign will be aiming big for 2018, with the run up to a State and Federal elections.

"The coming 12 months will be key to the success of the campaign, and having a large group of volunteers engaging in conversations on the street, running events and fundraising are the nuts and bolts of an effective environmental campaign."

You can sign up for volunteering on the wild rivers website at www.wildrivers.org.au/volunteer

Media contact:

Harry Burkitt
0490 010 909