Campaign to stop Warragamba wall reaches out to all concerned allies

The campaign to save the Blue Mountains has changed it's name to reach out to new allies across the Sydney basin. Their new marketing strategy will now be headed by the slogan 'Give a Dam'.

Today it was announced the Wild Rivers Campaign would be rebranding to encompass the range of views of its supporters and volunteers involved in the campaign.

Campaign Manager, Harry Burkitt, said it was exciting to encompasses allies in downstream communities that had been supporting the campaign for the last year, yet saw the issue of raising the dam as more then just about 'wild rivers'.

"We have supporters across the western Sydney floodplain, including in Penrith, Windsor, Richmond and Riverstone. All are telling us of they felt that downstream development was the push factor in project, and must be an important part of the mix in campaign messaging.

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Harry Burkitt
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